Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program drives the growth of crypto development globally with the spread of blockchain technogogy knowledge and training opportunities to your campus.

Take a Chance. Make a Difference. fMake a Difference.

Take a Chance.
Make a Difference. motivates, inspires, and unites students around the world. Now, more than 5,000 Student Ambassadors are part of this large family. Together, we inspire the next generation and drive the development of crypto.
Expand your knowledge on blockchain technology with training and workshops.
Make your resume stand out with a variety of experiences.
Connect extensively with global employers and fellow students.
Gain funding to help achieve your career objectives.
Meet industry experts and get one-on-one mentoring opportunities.
Enhance your interpersonal, organizational, and leadership abilities.
Receive certificates of achievement in gold, silver, or bronze.
Why become a Student Ambassador?
Benefits of being an ambassador of the world's leading cryptocurrency platform.
Who can be a Student Ambassador?
Regardless of who and where you are, you are welcome to join us.
Role models
Be a leader and influence others by serving as examples.
Able to motivate, inspire, and guide your peers to reach their full potential.
Have a unique vision and think outside the box that sets you apart from the crowd.
Take risks and explore new possibilities.
Passionate about blockchain and crypto technologies.
Eager to gain new knowledge and take an active role in the community.

Become a
Student Ambassador

Drive yourselves forward to make a difference in your community.
My experience as a Student Ambassador has helped me build my resume. Not only did I broaden my blockchain understanding, but I also earned experience by writing blockchain research projects, and arranging crypto workshops for college students.
Hediye Ahmet
University of Cambridge
Through this program, I have become better at planning ideas, public speaking, and leading others. Participating in a public event with hundreds of participants used to be pretty scary to me, but I have gained confidence now!
Soraia Mattea
Duke University
It's been amazing to be able to get into the crypto sector thanks to my role as a student ambassador. I appreciate the opportunity to network with other students who are as enthusiastic as I am about cryptos.
Lekan Sequoia
Cornell University

How to become a Student Ambassador?

It's easy to join us in just a few steps.
Submit the application form.
Congrats on becoming Student Ambassadors. Get ready for your life-changing journey.
Join training workshops to gain professional blockchain knowledge and skills. Host global events for students and drive the future of crypto.

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Stay-up-to date on the most recent news and events, join the Community now.

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